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How to Navigate the Website

This Location Intelligence Presentation is prepared with the new Infographics Technology which records Complex Data
in graphic form for ease of analysis, viewing and with detail backup reports.
The website is made up of an index at the top of the page and graphic data sections.
There are three ways to navigate the website:
      1. A Quick Summary review of the Salient Facts: Viewing this section first is recommended.
      2. Click on a data section in the index to be directed to that graphic. After reviewing that section
          there will be a  link in the bottom left corner to return to the index.
      3. You can also scroll down through all the graphic data sections.
There are links to view larger, download images and detailed reports.
It may take a few seconds to upload some sections.

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 The Where:

           ·     By mapping the consumer - Location Intelligence will provide detailed information about a site and its'  proximity to daily needs, 

          ·       activity and retail generators, hospitals, roadways, schools, restaurants and business parks.             

         ·       It will compare your existing locations with each  other and provide you the key insights needed  to KNOW where future growth should take place.


The What               


      ·       Key insights into a consumer's product
             preferences and frequency to a facility.

The How
      •  So you can truly understand those forms of media your  targeted
          consumers will both utilize and respond to - thus  enabling
          more profits.
         Today, consumers are really holding ALL the cards....
     •  Localization of merchandise and correctly configuring
         sites can maximize the consumer experience - thus 
         ensuring more traffic and more profits. How? Why?
         By really knowing and understanding the consumer profile 
        of the people in your area, thus allowing you to address their needs.
This is where GIS will EXCEED your expectations.

  Location Intelligence for
                                        Real Estate                                               
• understanding the nuances of the trade area
• building facilities that fill consumer needs
• managing investments: hold, sell, or exchange
• understanding the consumer’s product preference to optimize menus
• determine successful new restaurant expansion areas
• determine consumers spending habits

         · housing developments determine layouts for the consumer in that area
   · Apartments developing and managing and understanding the renter and homebuyers
   · understanding the amenities renters desire to increase and stabilize occupancy

• understanding consumer’s product preference
• understanding total retail sales: sales leaving the area and sales currently in area
• localization-not just location obsolescence of getting to a facility and negotiating entrance and leaving the facility                       
• determine the road patterns for efficient shipping and receiving
• determine utilities that are available to the industrial facility
• profiling potential employees
                                     Shopping Center   
• creating tenant mixes that serve the consumer’s product preferences
• establish efficient negotiating traffic within the shopping center
• strong tenant mix will create stability within the shopping center

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The Technology

Geographic Information System (GIS)
    GIS allows us to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize
    our world in ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in
    the form of maps, globes, reports, and charts.
Spatial Analysis
     Geographers can also use remote sensing, which is any method of 
     collecting data about an object or location without making physical
     contact with it, to develop a spatial perspective. The way things are
     spaced out or positioned on the Earth is at the heart of geography and
     the way it seeks to understand the world.
        Countries are converting their records to shapefiles to allow for this Analysis. Many U.S. Cities and Counties have completed this conversion.
  • Exploring Daytime Population
  • Understanding the population impact from the daytime workforce.
    Click on image to explore Day Time Population
Click on the following counties that have completed this conversion. We strongly recommend that you take a few minutes and view this dramatic technology.

                           Lorain County, OH GIS,   Cuyahoga County GIS,  Broward County FL GIS,   Stark County GIS,  


Localization, Not Just Location  
     Today, consumers are holding the cards. It’s no longer a case of
     “build it, and they will come.”


      Localizing merchandise and correctly configuring sites to
      maximize profits based on the profile of the people in an area and their 

      needs are significant challenges in today’s economy.
      This is where GIS is helping.




Nearby Analysis


The first step in understanding competition is having a summary of competitive businesses around a location. For example, the interactive visualization below shows the restaurants that are within the 10 minutes drive time from a subject location. It provides a summary of stores including their count, distance and direction from the site size, estimated sales volume, and employees. It allows to easily filter out smaller restaurant businesses and focus on competitors with higher sales volume and employees – helping you be better informed about your competitor locations and their business sizes.
We can do such competitive analysis for more than 59 businesses by using Location Intelligence.The visualization below was created using the included Infogroup business data as part of Nearby infographic panels.


The Power Tools

 Click on text to view                                 
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 the Power to Prosper in Real Estate
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